As I have always stated, I am a parent and not a professional. I cannot give advice in regards to your situation or help you on a one-to-one basis.

My website is designed to educate and raise PAS awareness. As much as I would like to answer your questions personally, I have instead gathered the leading professionals in the field of PAS research. They will give you their viewpoint and insight from years of experience in their various fields. Look for our quarterly newsletter on our site at – you can sign up to receive it automatically by entering your email address.

Again, please note we are unable to reply to any requests other than those described above.

Pamela Richardson
Author, A Kidnapped Mind

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The Philanthropy Preceptorship Fund
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For more information on contributing, learn more about The Dash Wish List.

The Dash Wish List has been created in the hope that no other child will suffer the psychological abuse and emotional neglect of an alienating home. ( more )

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