Letter from Corina

Dear Pamela,

I have a court case coming up this month. I feel sick even reading excerpts from your book. I am the custodial parent of a beautiful little girl. She comes home frequently from visits with her father upset and crying.

I made one decision a year ago to not let her go on a weekend long camping trip with her father, but instead to have a sleepover at his house in the city.

He is now accusing me of alienating her from him. According to our daughter, he bad mouths me continuously on visits, and it makes her feel sad. He is berating to her, and in her words she doesn’t feel safe with him.

However, if I try and shelter her, I am alienating and risk losing custody of her. I have to push her out the door into cruelty. and it breaks my heart. I am responding because I feel a lot of fear hearing about this issue. I fear this is a super-charged issue with a lot of emotion affecting families on a very deep level.

I feel deep empathy for Ms. Richardson’s experience. I can not imagine, (and pray I never have to) losing a child. It is excruciating watching our daughter suffer presently, and I am fighting with hopes of her quality of life improving.

I think it is dangerous to paint the portrait of a complex issue with only one brush. I fear that if we load a term such as PAS with intense emotion, and then define it with generalities about custodial parents for example, or mothers, or whatever the case may be; people start behaving erratically.

I am hoping and praying that the judicial system will take the time and care to really look into the issues on a per family case, with calm rational, or else we will be further depriving families of justice.



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