Letter from Louie

Hi Pamela,

I just finished your book in 2 days and bought 2 more – for my lawyer and parenting coordinator. I am a father of five kids who I have seen only 3 times in five years. The parallelism and the heartbreaks you had were very similar to what is happening to me right now. My eldest daughter has severe PAS in my opinion and this started when she was 8 or 9 but now she is eighteen. Before I had healthy relationship with them and tried my best to stay with their mother. BUt after 4 break ups, it was already too much. So when I separated, the kids also told me they were divorcing me and abused me verbally just like in your book. I am very heartbroken and paralyzed emotionally. As I read every word of your book my heart bled as I can relate to what you were feeling at that time. Before I existed for my kids though I was in a loveless marriage for years. Yet with all my sacrifices, my kids abused me, swear at me and cannot even call me Daddy. If there is hell on earth, I guess I am in it right now. I hope I will write my story in the future and pray it will not end the same way for the kids.

If you have any words of advise, I will really appreciate it.

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